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TurboTestPrep.com is an easy to use online tool to help prepare you for your FCC exams.

ATC RadarAntenna and Radar Towers

Radar TowerTurboTestPrep.com will help you conserve your most valued resources: your time and money. Take advantage of our new site design and question pools to be sure you're ready for the exams. With TurboTestPrep.com, study at your convenience from anywhere you have Internet access. All the question pools are available online; no need to download files to your computer.

SuccessOur experienced staff has taken many of these exams themselves so they know what it takes to prepare. We are renewing our commitment to making TurboTestPrep.com the best tool available to help you succeed.

737 RadomeOur recent site improvements make it easier than ever for you to lay the groundwork for exam success. You'll find our new registration process is smooth and effective. All new question pools will test your knowledge to the fullest.

Practice Exams

  • TurboTestPrep.com uses a system that provides an almost infinite number of practice tests for each question pool. The chance of seeing the same question twice on the same test is highly unlikely.
  • Take practice tests until you have cycled through all the possible questions in the question pool and if you need to, continue taking practice tests until you feel you are prepared for the exam.

Flash Cards

  • Flash Cards have been loaded for Element 1 and Element 3, the remaining Elements will follow shortly.

Coming Soon

  • A Glossary containing definitions of key terms and acronyms.
  • Complete Lessons on key topics relative to each exam.

Pardon Our Dust
Site overhaul
This site is in the process of a MAJOR OVERHAUL

We are bringing you a new and improved site from the ground up. Practice exams with the updated question pools are up and running. Additional features will be coming online rapidly. Please let us know how we're doing!

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